Our Technology


Fasttoken is a decentralized, Ethereum-based gaming platform that offers all of the benefits of the blockchain without compromising any aspect of security, user experience, or transparency. Developed and fully backed by BetConstruct, our products include decentralized slots, instant lottery and dice games, with poker, skill games and sportsbook to be introduced in the future.

Centralized casinos control many aspects of the gaming process including deposits and withdrawals, and are prone to multiple errors. Blockchain technologies allow us to bypass all of these issues and eliminate the chance of man-made errors with the help of smart contracts.

Running on Ethereum Main Network

Fasttoken is based on the Ethereum blockchain. Here is why:

Fast Channel Technology

Fast Channels are custom second layer scaling technologies sharpened for the Gaming industry. Fast Channels take the gaming process and all the related data transfer off the main chain, minimizing the number of required blockchain interactions. All states are signed with Elliptic Curve Digital Signature algorithm and secp256k1 which are native to Ethereum, ensuring bulletproof communications outside of the blockchain.

A unique Fast Channel is created between two parties - the player and the operator - once the player deposits

FTN for the first time.After that, the channel stays there, forever. It can be used for multiple games without the need for closing, reopening or manipulating it in any other way.

a fast channel has 2 components


Channel Contract

This holds the latest channel state with all the information that needs to stay secure and immutable - account balance, winnings, latest bet, random numbers, etc.


Off-chain Channel

This component has the data of the current state stored locally on the device of each participant and is fully verifiable by the smart contract as if it was a native transaction on the blockchain.

Seamless Deposits and Withdrawals

When making a deposit, cryptocurrencies never end up on our wallet.

They go to a smart contract from where all winnings are distributed according to the game logic on the blockchain.

rng system

Fasttoken utilizes Mersenne Twister PRNG algorithm to achieve total unpredictability for each individual slot spin.

This process is based on random numbers produced by both the player and the operator. The final random number is equally dependent on both parties and neither can predict nor manipulate the outcome. Here is the RNG logic behind each spin:


The player sends their hashed random number to the operator along with the state (balance, bet, choice, new action, etc.)


The operator replies by sending its random number.


The player reveals their random number and the spin is completed with a random result.

At any stage, if one party refuses to reveal their random number or continue the process, the other party is considered the winner.

Fasttoken Decentralization Framework

Fasttoken offers a solution to game providers and operators to integrate their games with the blockchain via Fast Channels. The framework greatly simplifies the whole process making it fast and easy.

The Fast Channel is situated between the game’s front end and the Remote Gaming Servers (RGS) and redirects the calls from the front end to the blockchain. We also provide the smart contracts with the game logic covering nearly all types of slots, leaving clients to modify only a small fraction of the game.

Automated Affiliate and Referral System

Blockchain is perfect for totally transparent and fair affiliate systems. With each new player joining Fasttoken, the recruiter’s information is engraved into the smart contract. The blockchain automatically distributes all bonuses according to the predefined rules, without any outside interference.