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The first  all-in-one, blockchain-based, fully decentralized gambling and betting solution providing  100% transparency, security and fairness to all involved parties in the world of online gambling.

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23-24 May

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What is Fasttoken?

The first all-in-one, Ethereum-based betting and wagering solution designed for the gambling industry, enabling decentralized, provably fair gaming and verifiable RNG in a completely transparent environment across all verticals, guaranteeing exciting, fair and immutable gaming experiences.  


Fasttoken serves as a gateway into the newly forming world of crypto gambling, representing a unique opportunity for players to become a part of the blockchain industry and build their portfolio by doing what they do best.

Issues We Solve

  • The House Always Wins

    The house edge ranges from 1-15% nowadays, depending on the games you play. The higher the edge, the fewer winnings players recieve.

    Provably Fair Gaming

    Our games are provably fair and 100% transparent. They can be audited by any person, at any point, at all times. We keep the house edge minimal and even eliminate it in a number of instances.

  • Traditional RNG

    Current RNGs represent a program code using mathematical algorithms in a given order. However, the code isn’t open source and there is no way for players to check it for fairness.

    Transparent RNG

    Our RNG is produced live for each spin, dice roll and card revealed in a skill game. Random numbers are taken from both the casino and the player and mixed to form a new number, making it impossible to know the result beforehand by any party. After the gaming session is finished, players have the option to verify the RNG for fairness.

  • Centralized Payouts

    Players rely on the gambling operator to release all their winnings. This poses safety risks and time constraints, especially when it comes to high stake bets.

    Guaranteed Winnings

    Our solution 100% guarantees your winnings with an average transaction time of a few minutes. After a game commences, only the smart contract is in charge of payouts, and this process is unalterable by anyone.

  • Third Party Payment Processors

    Gambling operators have full control over fund distributions, deposits and withdrawals, involving at least two intermediaries to carry out the transactions.

    Freedom and Transparency

    No centralized body or third party controls or interferes the flow of funds. All fund distributions, deposits and withdrawals are recorded on the blockchain, processed independently and controlled by the smart contract.

  • Complete Centralized Control

    Players rely on the gambling operator to release all their winnings.

    Smart Decentralized Control

    The player’s funds never end up on the casino’s wallet. The casino’s funds are transparently stored in a bankroll. The smart contract controls all fund distributions.

  • Our Technology

    Fast Channels

    The first all-in-one, Ethereum-based betting and wagering solution designed for the gambling industry, enabling decentralized, provably fair gaming and verifiable RNG in a completely transparent environment across all verticals, guaranteeing exciting, fair and immutable gaming experiences.

    Low Costs

    Once the game is moved off-chain, all knowledge transfer between the player and the operator becomes independent of Ethereum blockchain and is completely free of charge.

    100% Verifiable and Cheat-Proof Gaming

    With advanced cryptography and peer-to-peer networking at the core, Fast Channels are used to exchange digital signatures of all the events happening inside a game, while being transparent and verifiable by any party, at any point of time.

    Unprecedented Transparency

    All information and data transfer is publicly available and can be reviewed by any person via seamless UI solutions.

    Decentralized System

    The final distribution of funds is controlled solely by a smart contract, and this process can’t be altered by anyone.


    Our unique RNG mechanism utilizes all involved parties’ devices to generate a random sequence of numbers that are used to determine final reel positions before each spin.

    Truly Unpredictable

    The RNG is equally dependent on all participants and produced live for each spin, dice roll and card revealed in a skill game, based on data taken from both the player and the operator. Together, they form a unique sequence that can’t be predicted or manipulated by any party.

    100% Verifiable and Transparent

    Our unique mechanism allows any party to audit the randomness of each spin and reel position, once a gaming session is over. The data is hashed using highly secure Ethereum-compatible Keccak-256  hashing algorithm, demolishing the risk of malfeasance, cheating and manipulation. 

          How it Works     

    Blockchain-based slot games bring much-needed transparency and fairness into online gambling, but it comes at a price - high costs, long wait times between spins, limited scalability and poor user experience.


    Utilizing Ethereum’s second layer scaling solutions, we have developed a unique mechanism that allows to process an unlimited number of transactions inside Fast Channels, and then transfer them all to the blockchain whenever needed, thus limiting the number of interactions to two - depositing funds and synchronizing the latest Channel state. Our technology allows us to keep the costs minimal, eliminate latency and lag, boost scalability and optimize the user experience.


    Fasttoken Mobile App

    With robust functionality at its core, our mobile app makes decentralized gaming accessible on the go while allowing users to control, trade and exchange cryptocurrencies, anytime, anywhere. Will be available on iOS and Android.

           Coming soon!       
    Easy and Secure Access to Gaming

    Fasttoken mobile app provides seamless access to BetConsutruct’s and partners’ gambling platforms via a QR scanner. Users can safely store FTN, Ethereum and any other ERC20 standard tokens. We never ask for private keys.

    Zero Cost Transfers

    Easy and cost-efficient transfer of FTN between multiple wallets.

    Mobile Alternative to MetaMask

    Run Ethereum DApps both in desktop and mobile. Our app secures and simplifies decentralized mobile gaming.

    Integrated Exchange

    Seamlessly trade various cryptocurrencies, without visiting a centralized exchange. Enjoy lightning fast exchange of fiat currencies to FTN, right inside the app.


    KYC Verification

    Seamless submission of all KYC-related documentation via our mobile app.

    Fast Channel State

    Controlling current Fast Channel funds, syncing the current state with the blockchain, verifying channel protocols - all at your fingertips right inside the app.

          The Token - FTN

    Fasttoken will be used to power every essential aspect of the casino-suite and sportsbook:


    Fuel to enable transactions on the network   /  Betting currency  /  Special rewards currency Cashbacks  /  Financial rewards for slot builders /  Jackpot

    FTN is of Ethereum’s ERC20 standard. Upon launch, FTN will be providing exceptional utility and safety to players, game providers and bookmakers, enabling both centralized and decentralized cryptocurrency betting and ensuring fair gambling experiences across all games and events.  


    FTN is the only means of betting and gaming through our and partners’ platforms via cryptocurrencies. Starting from launch day and onwards, all special rewards and cashback bonuses awarded to players will be distributed via FTN.  


    FTN can be loaded into any BetConstruct (and partner companies) gambling platform to place bets on over 50 sports, and play virtually any card, board or slot game supported by the providers. Players can freely exchange their existing cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies to FTN right on the platform while being able to monitor each deposit and withdrawal transaction.



    Prizes and Cashback Options Unique to FTN - Access to higher cashbacks based on the gaming history of the previous week and a chance to win big cash prizes when using FTN as the preferred currency

    Cutting Down House Edge - The general average of 7-15% house edge is shrunk down to 1-4%, and in some instances, it is eliminated completely.

    Lightning Fast Transactions - Players can seamlessly deposit and withdraw FTN regardless of their portfolio, exchange prices or geographical location, while being completely independent of third parties.

    Improved Transparency - Each deposit and withdrawal transaction is recorded on the blockchain, allowing all users to easily check, monitor and keep track of their transactions on Ethereum block explorers.

    White Label Partners

    Efficient Cooperation - Fasttoken offers cost-effective collaboration to partners, including a brand new benefits program and a reworked financial agreement, without any involvement of third-parties. 

    Amongst the First to Benefit from Crypto - Fasttoken serves as a gateway into the newly forming world of crypto gambling, representing a unique opportunity for partner companies to join in early and become a leading force in the market. 

    New Market Segment - Become a reputable and trendy gambling operator by attracting tech-savvy players and get access to numerous revenue growth opportunities.

    Revenue Stream - BetConstruct will be organizing freerolls and many other tournaments for white label partners to provoke the interest of their player base towards crypto gambling, without any financial obligations from the partner’s side.

          Our Team      

    Meet the core Fasttoken team members, who are dedicated to the project 24/7. Apart from them, over 600 professionals from various departments are involved in the project for completing different tasks at different points in time.

    Armen Chakhoyan

    Head of Project

    A blockchain enthusiast and a fierce advocate of the technology, Armen has been involved in the blockchain space since late 2012 when he mined his first bitcoin. 

    With a strong technical background, vast knowledge and experience in the gambling industry, he has been managing the development and design of numerous casino products, with a special advancement in skill games and live casino products.

    Karen Terjanyan 

    Development Team Lead

    With over 10 years of experience in the gambling industry, Karen has led several teams to create sustainable and exceptional gambling products including Poker, Slots, Backgammon, Live Casino Platform, etc. 

    A C++ and Python veteran and a Solidity guru, he has developed his own blockchain in 2016 with the aim of experimenting with blockchain-based casino games.

    Vladimir Igitkhanyan

    Senior Blockchain Developer

    Vladimir has 12 years of experience in C++ and has mastered QT, Shell scripting and TCL/TK during his career. He previously worked on the development of release/automation scripts, online gaming platforms and several blockchain projects. 

    Utilizing his expertise in Solidity and dApp, Vladimir assists Fasttoken with smart contract development and payment mechanisms.

    Artyom Harutyunyan 

    Architecture Owner

    Artyom is an experienced blockchain developer with a substantial track of smart contract audit and development. 

    With a cryptographic background, he felt native in the new world of distributed ledger technologies. 

    For the past five years he worked for international consulting companies and governments as a blockchain and ICO consultant as well as an independent advisor.

    Lusine Manukyan


    Lusine’s designing motto and approach is based on the philosophy that good design not only contains stylistic features and appearance but more importantly, it’s user-friendly. Operating in the UX/UI design space for over six years, she has created unique designs for various industries including eSports, iGaming and IT. With a special focus on UI and custom illustrations, Lusine weaves her mouse to create beautiful illustrations and designs that combine style and personality, as well as seamless functionality.

    Gevorg Karapetyan

    Senior Mobile Application Developer

    Coming from a solid technical background, Gevorg has over 8 years of experience in the development of mobile apps. A seasoned expert of the gambling industry and a relentless blockchain enthusiast, he has been in the space for over 3 years. During those years, Gevorg has worked on the development of a number of decentralized apps on the Ethereum blockchain, including the Fasttoken mobile app.

    Mher Hakobyan

    Marketing Manager

    With over five years of both traditional and online marketing experience, Mher works to craft exceptional marketing strategies and campaigns for the Fasttoken project. Utilizing his vast knowledge of the gambling industry and following the most recent trends and novelties of blockchain technologies, he is behind all the intriguing and thought-provoking marketing plans of our decentralized casino platform.

    Pavel Aramyan

    Content Strategist

    Pavel is an MBA with extensive experience in content generation, strategy development and product management. Having worked in different industries including Healthcare, IT, eSports and iGaming, he became interested in blockchain technologies in 2013. Convinced that blockchain technology is the key to solving numerous complex issues that exist today, he joined the Fasttoken team with the ambition to help build one of the first fully decentralized casino platforms and contribute to creating a truly revolutionary product.

    Arus Ishkhanyan

    Content Writer 

    Arus became interested in blockchain during her internship at the United Nations Industrial Development Organization. Once she was introduced to the blockchain tech, she was hooked. Arus makes every effort to continue to educate herself in this fast-paced, growing and continually evolving industry. She writes blockchain/cryptocurrency articles for our Medium blog and actively handles social media development by writing Brand and PR content.

    Yeva Zeynalyan

    Business Relations Manager

    Yeva is an economics expert with extensive experience in project management, PR, Sales and Marketing. She has previously worked for multiple local and international companies with remarkable input in Armenia’s SME development in frames of East Invest 2 Project under the European Commission. Her out-of-the-box thinking combined with analytical and research skills, helps the team develop and expand their product lines.

    Anait Ambardzumyan 

    PR and Communications Manager

    Anait is a world-class blockchain and ICO consultant, lecturer and public speaker. Having successfully established and grown a number of communities for numerous blockchain projects, she currently supervises the social networking channels of Fasttoken. Anait was one of the early birds in the field in our region and is arguably one of the most attractive ladies in the space.

    Jeff Gianfranco D'Agostino

    Blockchain Advisor 

    A seasoned gambling industry veteran with over 20 years of experience, passionate investor and a profound connoisseur of blockchain technology, Jeff’s professional advice and attention to detail has been invaluable. He entered the blockchain industry in 2013 as a Bitcoin investor and has been an active participant in the space ever since. Jeff is also the founder of Riota, an upcoming blockchain-based real estate project and has previously been involved with Leios, a blockchain based remittance network,  as a consultant.

          About BetConstruct      

    Headquartered in London, BetConstruct is an industry-leading, award-winning provider of both online and land-based betting and gaming solutions. The enterprise offers a vast range of products and services.   


    BetConstruct now cooperates with over 250+ partners globally, fully supporting them in offering the finest betting and gaming solutions. The company provides business development support to 16 global offices including regional presences in Lima and Montevideo. 

    BetConstruct is committed to creating new revenue streams and opportunities, as well as providing access to more vertical markets for its partners while keeping costs low and processes transparent. 


    BetConstruct is considered to be an integral part of SoftConstruct. SoftConstruct was founded with the passion for stimulating and developing the industry of innovative technologies. Currently, it has over 3000 employees and 16 branch offices operating all over the world. SoftConstruct is one of the leading forces in the IT industry. SoftConstruct is an umbrella for over 11 trademarks such as BetConstruct, FeedConstruct, Spring BME, Ucraft, FinConstruct, FastShift, BetOnPolitics, BookieApp, PandaVR and so on.

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